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Aoos/Vjosa: Source of Life for Nature and Anthropos  

A purple maple leaf stars in MedINA’s animation video for the Aoos/Vjosa river! The maple leaf travels all the way from Greece, where the river springs, to Albania, where it discharges. It flows through gorges, forests, plains, bridges, villages, and cities and meets bears, wolves, people, dragonflies, Egyptian vultures and woodpeckers, trouts, eels, otters, roe deers, wild boars, Balkan chamois and foxes! 

Aoos/Vjosa belongs to the Blue Heart of Europe, and it is considered one of the last free-flowing rivers in Europe, since except for its hydroelectric dam at its springs, it flows for almost 270km without any artificial obstacles.

anima syros 2002 official selection
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